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March 18, 2008



Sadly, I agree.


Senator Clinton looks sincere to me.


As far as I know????????


That question deserved an emphatic NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. It's shameless.


it's a stupid question, the answer should be WHO CARES?

Patrick Kowalczyk

It's not a stupid question at all.

Over a year ago, in February 2007, I was in Florida and the topic of Obama came up and it immediately turned to whether he was Muslim as all had received chain emails about this.

This discussion was among middle-aged Democrats.

Part of the reason, I leaned towards Hillary and donated to her campaign prior to December 2007 was that I thought Obama could never overcome that misperception.

Yes, the first answer should be "Who cares?" but that should never have been followed up with phrases like "I'll take him at his word" or "as far as I know."

It's that sort of wishy washy, non-answer, and possibly even a wink wink that is politics at its worst (or some may say best.)

If you watched that full 60 Minutes interview, you'll see that they had a roundtable with four Ohioans and the first said that
he wanted to support Obama but probably wouldn't because he heard he was Muslim and unpatriotic.


Are you kidding me? I never saw this. I agrees, she's shameless.

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