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January 10, 2008



yea! welcome back!


I can understand your point of view, Patrick, but I need to point out that Barak did not have the opportunity to vote no or yes. So really, you will never know about him...


I know what you mean Pat. It is a tough decision. I worked it out for myself over the summer and I'm fully committed to Barack.

Glad to see the blog return and that you are finally listening to something good.


Awesome. Greetings from NH, where I like to think I am the first of your readers to have officially voted for Obama. I'll send photos when they're uploaded. And Gwen, he was openly against the war when it began, so even though he couldn't vote on it, he was an ambitious politician willing to express an opinion that was unpopular at the time.

Remeber how depressing things looked four years ago at this time? No matter what the outcome this year, it's gonna be so much better.


Welcome back! I've been having this issue: Hillary's obvious pandering about the war versus Bill's ridiculously good economic policies. What got me behind Barack is ultimately the fact that he is self-made whereas we would have never heard of Hillary if she hadn't been married to a great politician. We elected the last guy because of family connections and look how well that turned out. Dynasties are very third world and I'm just not ready to admit that the U.S. has sunk that far yet. Hillary herself has only her record in the Senate to look at and in the biggest vote of her tenure, she got it wrong. I can't give her credit for the good things that Bill did in office. Therefore, Barack it is (unless Mike runs, of course).


We missed you. Hillary is going to be pissed.


Thrilled to be along for an exciting ride.

Lisa Hiland

So glad you are back in action on patmix! obvs, it couldn't have come at a better time.


So glad you are back in action on patmix! obvs, it couldn't have come at a better time.

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